Ambient Temperature Recorder (ATR-4)

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Hardware Description
The Ambient Temperature Recorder (ATR-4) is a self-contained, battery-powered instrument, approximately the size of a deck of cards. It may be placed in almost any environment (not submersible in liquid) to provide recording of up to four channels of temperature data. Channel 1 is selectable for either internal or external probe temperature sensing. Channels 2–4 are external only and require individual external temperature probes. External probes are flexible to allow the user to place probes at various locations within the sensed environment. Standard length for probes is 3 feet, but they may be longer or shorter, if required.

Data sample rate and number of channels are user-selectable. The total number of samples (32400) is limited by the size of the solid-state memory in the ATR-4. When the memory is full, the recorder stops recording. Stored data may be accessed postflight using a serial interface unit and an IBM-compatible computer. Power for the ATR-4 is provided by two internal batteries. An O-ring seal protects the internal electronics of the ATR-4 from fluids in the environment and permits operation in damp or humid environments, such as an animal habitat.

Dimensions: 23 x 41 x 86 mm

Weight: ~135 g

Power: Lithium thionyl chloride batteries, 1 year life

Temp: Range: -40 to +60 °C

Accuracy: 1 °C

Probes: Integrated circuit sensor, standard length, 3 feet

Data Acquisition
Sampling: every 1.87, 3.75, 7.5, or 15 minutes selectable; internal/external measurement (selectable on 1 channel only); 1 channel: 42 days @1.87-min sampling; 342 days @15 min; 4 channels: 10 days @1.87-min sampling; 85 days @15 min

Related Ground-Based Hardware
IBM-compatible computer and serial interface unit: The computer and interface unit are used for readout of ATR-4 data.

Hardware Publications
Life Sciences Laboratory Equipment (LSLE) On-line Catalog. NASA, 1998.

Missions Flown 1991-1995
SLS-1/STS-40, PARE.01/STS-48, PARE.02/STS-54, PARE.03/STS-56, IML-1/STS-42, IML-2/STS-65, PHCF/STS-46, SL-J/STS-47, PSE.02/STS-52, PSE.03/STS-57, PSE.04/STS-62, IMMUNE.1/STS-60, IMMUNE.2/STS-63, NIH.R1/STS-66, NIH.R2/STS-70